Departmental Operations

The Selbyville Police Department currently services an area of approx. 9 square miles, 8 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, sitting on the Mason Dixon line with the State of Maryland as our Southern boundary. The jurisdiction is dissected with US Route 113 running North & South, and State Routes 17 & 54 running East & West proving access to the beach resorts to our East.

The jurisdiction consists of several thousand people of varied cultures and nationalities working in or around the numerous golf courses, resort business, nurseries, farms, or local poultry plants. The jurisdiction also contains three schools with a combined student population of nearly 2500 student in pre-school through 8th grade, as well as the Indian River School District Administrative Offices.

Annually, we respond to approximately 3000 calls for service, 150 traffic collisions, and process 500 criminal arrests. We are the only municipal agency in southern Delaware that currently houses an Intoxilyzer (for testing blood alcohol), a Video Phone, and a Live Scan Unit. The Video Phone, allows officers and prisoners to be seen from our Department holding area, without having to transport them 18 miles to the closest 24 hour Magistrate Court. The Live Scan unit allows for digital input and search of mugshots and fingerprints to both the State Bureau of Identification & the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Department currently consists of full-time and part-time officers, rotating 12 hour shifts. All full-time officers are assigned a take-home patrol unit, equipped with a radar unit, mobile data terminal, in-car video, “Stop Sticks”, evidence collection and testing equipment and basic first aid equipment. On duty units carry an Automatic External Defibrillator (A.E.D.) for response to cardiac emergencies. The Department is dispatched through an in house dispatch center & through the county wide Emergency Operation Center which is responsible for the three State Police Troops (# 4, 5, & 7) as well as the 18 municipal agencies in the county.

The Department currently operates Dodge Charger’s, Chevy Tahoe’s & Ford SUV’s for normal duty, Trek Mountain bikes, and a Military Humvee for foul weather in addition to a Special Response Vehicle.